Friday, 11 February 2011

My First Giant Cupcake read it right....My first GIANT cupcake.

I have a party tomorrow evening and I am making a themed giant cupcake. It's a surprise do, and the person it's for reads this blog so I won't be giving any more details out at this stage. I will however add pics after the event.

Funny thing though, I need some cake supplies so decided that the local Morrison's would be of help. All of us in the car, not an easy task when your left arms feels like it's hanging off again, and you have one stroppy nearly three year old demanding to do things her own way! James and I eventually get going and then Grace falls asleep. Deciding to leave the Grocery shop till last to give time for Grace to sleep we head out for the giant cupcake mold. I was discussing with James the fact that the cheaper butter is no good for tomorrows occasion and I would need a butter which was very light in colour. Something like Lurpak. He said try Stork, as its cheaper. I know he's a man so I gave him a calm and uncruel lesson in butter, Stalk is not BUTTER but marg.
After we'd got all our other bits and bobs, off to Morrison's we go. Wake up Grace, do our shopping and head home. Just as we pull onto the drive, what have I forgotten??? The butter. James offers to go back and so I agree and head into the house with Grace.

10 minutes later......

He walks in....with two large tubs of STORK! He said "I've made an executive decision...Stork is cheaper than Lurpak, so I got that instead!" Oh man, now I still have no butter. Yet again I politely inform him..."STORK IS NOT BUTTER! I NEED BUTTER TO MAKE BUTTER CREAM....NOT STORK CREAM!"

Do you ever get that feeling of I just wished I had done it myself??

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  1. Ha ha, don't you love it when you send guys to the store and they can't get it right even if they have a detailed list? Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a giant cupcake pan soon - yours looks yummy! I like that you posted pictures of both your real giant cupcake and your almost-giant cupcake.