Saturday, 12 November 2011

Children in need cupcake!

Well guys, it's been a long time since my last post! I gave decided to restart my blogging career by posting about yesterday's cupcake children in need therapy! My sister is hosting a big children in need party and asked me to bake a giant cupcake to auction and some smaller ones so that she can sell them!!

In my time away from blogging I have discovered the joys of cake off! New product to morrisons but if anyone has a problem with cakes sticking then you need to buy some. It's found in the cake isle and is made by dr oetker. Fabulous stuff!

I haven't stopped baking, I have cooked a few cakes of which I will add some pictures. I've become quite well known for being the cupcake lady, even baking for someone wedding!!

Blogging has become difficult because I just haven't had the words there to write. I am working now as a manger which is keeping me busy and yes I am still on weight watchers, unfortunately still fighting a losing battle since I am on new medication for my Rheumatoid Arthritis! I now have infusions in hospital every 6 months, and I thought it was working very well until this week when my knees started to swell! Hopefully just a blip!
Have to go wash the lemon buttercream icing out of my hair! Until later fellow bloggers!

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Just discovered QuidCO..

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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thank you for all your messages

Hi all my lovely readers!

Well the poor cupcakes have suffered lately....All this working is making me shattered. Not only that this week I went to see my doctor who advised me that my last blood tests show that I am Vit D and Calcium deficient. I also have been having turning my brain off at night. Now that I am working, my brain is being worked. I love working, but need to find a way to turn off from it when I am home being mummy.

So, the doctor has prescribed Amitriptline to help me is it knocking me out. I take it at about 9pm, wake up for 8am ish but having trouble getting up! My poor hubby is getting up with Grace and leaving me in bed. It was 6.30am this morning:-( Poor Jim.

As for my cupcakes, I miss them....I am planning on making some this week. A giant one and some normal sized ones. I want to start looking at new kitchen gadgets too. As I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am always look at ways to save my hands etc etc.

If you have any ideas please let me know.

P.S i will be adding a album of the week to my blog. The theme to my life for the week!!!

This week it's:-
Sad I know...but I am a huge glee fan..the only programme that leaves me feeling happy!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I am slacking!

I am slacking arn't i???

Well watch this space....I am baking tomorrow!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Well I am sat at St Lukes hospital awaiting my fate and to see if an injection into my shoulders is needed.
The waiting room is quiet and you can hear the nurses having a disagreement and I must say it doesn't instil confidence. The waiting area is bland and boring, I think a previous ward. No wonder people hate hospitals, i would want to stop here! Why do all hospitals smell the same?
Can you tell I am officially bored? I decided to catch the bus to the hospital today as if I do need injections, driving will not be an option. Planned my journey, and left the house! Right on time the bus arrives.... And then travels right past me! I am fumming, looked liked the bus driver was looking at something other than the road or the bus stop where I am standing waving and shouting. I will complain.

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Location:Joys of injections

Monday, 28 February 2011

Hummmm...I am working!

Hello All,

Well Cupcakes has a job. Unfortunately nothing to do with baking, although it's odd how cupcakes pops up in many ways!

My Job - Account Executive for a Drug testing/products company. Actually, it the job I have been looking for for many years and it happened all by accident. I am so chuffed, they are a lovely company with only a small infrastructure at the moment, they are willing to listen to ideas I have, manage my own workload and really get my brain ticking - something I have craved for ages! Now I feel like I am using my brain, and I am discovering that actually it still works! Since Grace I was in a little doubt. :-{

The other member of the company Jay is the accounts manager, and she also has a cupcake addiction. As we get to know each other I am sure we'll be able to swap stories and maybe even get some tips.

I have run out of eggs over the weekend so cupcake/baking has been on hold until the trip to the dreaded supermarket. Why do we all dread the supermarket run?? It's just so time consuming and annoying, it's the worst part of being a housewife for me. If I could delegate that task I so would, for those of you who are regular readers you'll know that Jim is not that good at shopping (referring to the butter or marg scenario!).

Just a quick note to Emma for your card and also for taking my half failed cupcake to your work! You say they enjoyed it...I hope so anyway.

I am planning a giant cupcake apple surprise and also a giant chocolate and peppermint over the next few weeks so will keep you all posted.

This is the one I am using for anyone else who wants to have a go.
I have used the standard 8oz cake mixture in each half! So 16oz altogether.

Really good fun and make excellent party cakes.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Giant cupcake day 2

Well the decorating went very well! Although it's a shame the person they were for read this blog and spoiled the surprise!!! Anyway pic below!

My sister in law Gina, and hubby steve also made a fantastic car cake.......

And the party girl herself... Emma. Congratulations on passing your driving test!

What a lovely evening we all had!

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Day 1...Giant Cupcake

Hopefully this will make you laugh.

My first attempt was using my standard 8oz mixture and dividing it between the moulds. This is the result:-

Looks good hur? Well I though so....although it didn't rise enough and only came to half the cupcake mould.

So attempt 2. Go for it with 16oz. Doubling everything.......

 Looks even better, to get the full sense of size.... The right one is attempt 1 and the left attempt 2.

One humongous cupcake...

 Day's 2 tasks:- Decoration!

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My First Giant Cupcake read it right....My first GIANT cupcake.

I have a party tomorrow evening and I am making a themed giant cupcake. It's a surprise do, and the person it's for reads this blog so I won't be giving any more details out at this stage. I will however add pics after the event.

Funny thing though, I need some cake supplies so decided that the local Morrison's would be of help. All of us in the car, not an easy task when your left arms feels like it's hanging off again, and you have one stroppy nearly three year old demanding to do things her own way! James and I eventually get going and then Grace falls asleep. Deciding to leave the Grocery shop till last to give time for Grace to sleep we head out for the giant cupcake mold. I was discussing with James the fact that the cheaper butter is no good for tomorrows occasion and I would need a butter which was very light in colour. Something like Lurpak. He said try Stork, as its cheaper. I know he's a man so I gave him a calm and uncruel lesson in butter, Stalk is not BUTTER but marg.
After we'd got all our other bits and bobs, off to Morrison's we go. Wake up Grace, do our shopping and head home. Just as we pull onto the drive, what have I forgotten??? The butter. James offers to go back and so I agree and head into the house with Grace.

10 minutes later......

He walks in....with two large tubs of STORK! He said "I've made an executive decision...Stork is cheaper than Lurpak, so I got that instead!" Oh man, now I still have no butter. Yet again I politely inform him..."STORK IS NOT BUTTER! I NEED BUTTER TO MAKE BUTTER CREAM....NOT STORK CREAM!"

Do you ever get that feeling of I just wished I had done it myself??

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sorry..It's been a while.

Hi All,

Well It has been a while since my last post...I think I have a brain blockage or writers block, I am not sure which.

I have had a few things happen in my life over the last two weeks which I think is causing a little stress. More than maybe I am willing to admit are affecting me. The first thing was that Grace's childcare has fallen through, meaning we had to remove her from her nursery placement because of an incident that occurred a few weeks ago, which Ofstead now are investigating...Please don't worry though Grace is fine.

I think because my life revolves around my pnd to a certain extent, I was worried that my PND will kick off with the change in circumstances. After all, if I have a bad day and Grace was at nursery then she wouldn't see me having that bad day and therefore it wouldn't affect her. Now that's all changed I was worried that she would see that "other" side of me. However, I am now pleased to confirm that since she has been at home with me, our relationship is so much stronger and I am not panicking about having her at home with me, which is the first time since she was small that I have felt that way.

On a sadder note, the cupcakes have been suffering as I haven't had as much time to make them. I have, you'll be pleased to know, that I have been exploring other baking methods. I have made two bread puddings, a banana loaf (that's also pro points friendly!) and some really yummy meals. I did also make some Rum and Raisin flavoured cupcakes two weeks ago, which the icing went very wet and dribbled down the outside of the cupcake! That sums up the last few weeks!

I will add some pics of the latest baking efforts in the morning, as my phone battery has died and I need to charge it.

Thank you for all your comments and messages......I am here and will make earnest efforts to be more regular. Especially now I am getting back into a routine!