Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sorry..It's been a while.

Hi All,

Well It has been a while since my last post...I think I have a brain blockage or writers block, I am not sure which.

I have had a few things happen in my life over the last two weeks which I think is causing a little stress. More than maybe I am willing to admit are affecting me. The first thing was that Grace's childcare has fallen through, meaning we had to remove her from her nursery placement because of an incident that occurred a few weeks ago, which Ofstead now are investigating...Please don't worry though Grace is fine.

I think because my life revolves around my pnd to a certain extent, I was worried that my PND will kick off with the change in circumstances. After all, if I have a bad day and Grace was at nursery then she wouldn't see me having that bad day and therefore it wouldn't affect her. Now that's all changed I was worried that she would see that "other" side of me. However, I am now pleased to confirm that since she has been at home with me, our relationship is so much stronger and I am not panicking about having her at home with me, which is the first time since she was small that I have felt that way.

On a sadder note, the cupcakes have been suffering as I haven't had as much time to make them. I have, you'll be pleased to know, that I have been exploring other baking methods. I have made two bread puddings, a banana loaf (that's also pro points friendly!) and some really yummy meals. I did also make some Rum and Raisin flavoured cupcakes two weeks ago, which the icing went very wet and dribbled down the outside of the cupcake! That sums up the last few weeks!

I will add some pics of the latest baking efforts in the morning, as my phone battery has died and I need to charge it.

Thank you for all your comments and messages......I am here and will make earnest efforts to be more regular. Especially now I am getting back into a routine!

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