Monday, 28 February 2011

Hummmm...I am working!

Hello All,

Well Cupcakes has a job. Unfortunately nothing to do with baking, although it's odd how cupcakes pops up in many ways!

My Job - Account Executive for a Drug testing/products company. Actually, it the job I have been looking for for many years and it happened all by accident. I am so chuffed, they are a lovely company with only a small infrastructure at the moment, they are willing to listen to ideas I have, manage my own workload and really get my brain ticking - something I have craved for ages! Now I feel like I am using my brain, and I am discovering that actually it still works! Since Grace I was in a little doubt. :-{

The other member of the company Jay is the accounts manager, and she also has a cupcake addiction. As we get to know each other I am sure we'll be able to swap stories and maybe even get some tips.

I have run out of eggs over the weekend so cupcake/baking has been on hold until the trip to the dreaded supermarket. Why do we all dread the supermarket run?? It's just so time consuming and annoying, it's the worst part of being a housewife for me. If I could delegate that task I so would, for those of you who are regular readers you'll know that Jim is not that good at shopping (referring to the butter or marg scenario!).

Just a quick note to Emma for your card and also for taking my half failed cupcake to your work! You say they enjoyed it...I hope so anyway.

I am planning a giant cupcake apple surprise and also a giant chocolate and peppermint over the next few weeks so will keep you all posted.

This is the one I am using for anyone else who wants to have a go.
I have used the standard 8oz cake mixture in each half! So 16oz altogether.

Really good fun and make excellent party cakes.

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