Friday, 24 December 2010

Attempt 3


I am definitely getting better if I do say so myself. Check out the pictures below. In my previous blog, I mentioned that my brother in law, Stuart, would not accept my cakes as payment for a debt. However, after seeing my latest efforts, he has suggested that I sell them, and raise the £16 I owe to pay him back!

I have started a little collection of instruments including a syringe for piping courtesy of my mother who brought it from Iceland for £4. Also collating a nice selection of books, again courtesy of my mother! It has lots of ideas, including lemon cupcakes which I may try next week.

I have been baking all afternoon, and now my feet are killing me and to be honest i am getting a bit sick of the sweet smell of cakes. I forgot to mention at the start of this blog, that yes I am insane but i am also trying to lose weight and have joined Weight Watchers. Oh my life, I am mad. Why on earth did I start baking cakes when on a diet????

I wonder how many Pro-Points are in them??? Hummmm....maybe I shouldn't think about it!

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