Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I think you'll agree that these are looking good! Okay so I may of cheated on the icing courtesy of silver spoon but they are starting to look like cupcakes! My brother in law was especially impressed and ate two even though he would not accept them as payment for £16 I owe him! A bit of a cheek if you ask me.... But I will keep working on it!
I think I may have perfected the cake bit, although I would like to work on the actual amount of mixture in the paper holder thing, what are they called? Anyway, did you know that if your paper thing is lopsided in the tin, it makes the cupcake wonky? I didn't know that cupcake baking would be so scientific! I should of paid more attention in science and maths as I am now discovering that after all these years it would be useful after all. Who'd of known that?

Hopefully is will sleep better tonight, as all I dreamt about last night was giant cupcakes of all shapes and sizes! Big pink ones, blue ones and all sorts. Then jim, the other half, reminded me with a parp (bottom burp!) that I was in fact in normal surroundings and definitely not in cupcake lar lar land!
Not bad going for day two!
Would you buy them so far??

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