Monday, 27 December 2010

List of Ideas

I have been thinking about flavours for my cupcakes, please can you let me know what you think...

Rum & Raisin
Apple & Toffee
Lemon Curd
Forest Fruits
Blueberry & Chocolate

That's all I can think of so far, I am planning over the next few weeks to make a selection of flavours and try and invent some new ones, so all suggestions welcome.

My sister is a wheat free eater, so I thought about doing a wheat free cupcake too, what do you think?

I also want to discuss the new phenomenon in the kitchen...well my kitchen....SILICON. No not boobies, but cooking trays. If you haven't got one yet...GET THEM...They are ace. I will never go back to the old fashion apparently non stick Teflon trays that you always end up scrubbing and eventually go rusty. I love making Yorkshire Puddings and although they come out with a shiny bottom from the silicon tray, they need no greasing or oil and guaranteed to sticking. Long gone of the days of scrapping your Yorkshire out of the tin and allowing it to soak for days before you can get the stuff off.

I am debating if i should disclose my family recipe to you??? Guaranteed to beat Aunt Bessie's! I think I will think about it for a few days.

Oh...and before I go, just want to say Hello to my new follower and any of those that read regularly! 

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