Sunday, 2 January 2011

Apple Surprise

I attempted last night a dream that had kept me awake the night before! It had kept me awake for two nights so decided that the only way I could get rid of it was to bake them.

I dreamt of making a toffee and apple cupcake! The apple was to be gooey in the centre, with melted toffee pieces in the mixture itself, finished with a green icing topping! In my dream it works perfectly, in reality totally different.

My first issue was the toffee I had brought turned out to be fudge. So now it's fudge and apple! I couldn't decided weather to add it to the precooked mixture or after. I decided after much discussion with James to add it to the mixture. The results I will tell you about in a moment.

The second issue was how on earth does a novice get apple to the centre of a cupcake??? So armed with a knife I chopped the tops of my perfect looking felt so so wrong but I had to choice but to proceed. Fill with apple sauce baked a few moments earlier then place the top back on!

Third issue, green buttercream icing.....perfect colour icing, just as I imagined, but I just didn't have the piping equipment to cope. So after using my £4 bargain syringe piper, after 6 cakes it broke! What do I do now? Back to the trusty method of butter knife and spreading. After all the faffing, the icing started to get too warm and was melting. Man nothing was going to plan or according to my dream.

After completing the above processes....They had to be placed into my fridge/conservatory to set.

What would they come out like??

Pictures to follow.....

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  1. Will be really interested to read the next installment!