Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lemon Icing Cupcakes

These are the latest efforts...Lemon Icing Cake.

I was asked to make them for my sister who's husband was having a meeting at his home. So she asked if I could make some cupcakes as refreshments for them. They went down very well from all accounts, someone even commenting that he would happily pay for them! I was so pleased. It has given me ideas to open a cupcake house, where you can choose your base and your topping...a bit like an ice-cream shop. It would have tables and chairs for you to be able to have a cuppa while you were there! Me and my brainy ideas...I have been dreaming about this shop and even what areas I would open them in. I am mad, I am sure of it.

Today, I have had terrible toothache, eating helps especially cupcakes. I don't think I will lose any weight this week at weight watchers! I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and I think he is going to extract my tooth. I am really not looking forward to it but have decided that it has to be better than the pain I am in. I even thought of pulling it out myself, do a Tom Hanks special (as in Cast Away!). Will let you know how it goes?

What do you guys think to the icing technique? Do you think it's getting better?

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  1. I'm not a great baker myself but am inspired by your motivation and really hope the cakes will help you succeed. I am now following you to check that you do!!!

  2. oh my gosh they look lovely. There is a lovely cafe near me that jus sells teas and cup cakes, lots of different cup cakes. It's always packed. Good luck with you endeavours.

  3. Those cupcakes are looking better by the day!

  4. Yum! Cupcakes look fab (but you're the second blogger I've read tonight who has toothache - and I do too!!!) Maybe cupcakes are the answer.